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Roger Leir - UFO Crash In Brazil: A Genuine UFO Crash With Survi malvyes




UFO Crash In Brazil. A Genuine UFO Crash with Survi – Download PDF – Paul A. Brunick. MUFON UFO Sightings : Brazil was the location of numerous UFO sightings in both 1996 and 2000 as well. The first of which occurred on January 20, 1996. According to several eyewitnesses, a UFO with a bright red light approached a rural area at 9:30 AM and was observed for several seconds before it suddenly rose from the ground. The craft was described as being metallic and triangular in shape with multiple rows of lights, with a bright red light in the center. In the same year, five more sightings were reported by various Brazilians in two other states. Werkel and Storck, in their comprehensive report, describe their theory that the crash in Brazil could be one of several saucers discovered by two Brazilian men (Lopes and Fernandez) who turned a metal-looking object into a human-shaped metal "prototype" for their flying saucers. Brazil Category:Aviation accidents and incidents in BrazilJournalism 101: Do's and Don'ts of Journalism Terminology In the journalism industry, certain terms are commonly used in order to describe some element of a story. It is also necessary to know certain basic terms if you want to break into the field. As a journalist, it is important to know the terms and the meanings behind them. These terms may be used when writing for newspapers and magazines. They may also be used in radio and television shows. These terms come into play in many ways. If a person wants to write a story, they may need to consult information, read books, or attend seminars in order to familiarize themselves with the terms. A good resource for these terms can be found at "The Dictionary of American Journalism." At this website, the terms that are used in the journalism industry are listed. Also, you can find sample sentence combinations, which are examples of the terms used. For example, if someone wants to write a sentence about a person, they may want to include the following: "She is a high-school English teacher." The term "English teacher" in this example is used to describe someone who teaches a class called "English." This description shows that the person is teaching people how to read and write. She may also teach people how to write essays, essays about literature, essays about the American Constitution, or any other possible topics. The person might even have a class




Roger Leir - UFO Crash In Brazil: A Genuine UFO Crash With Survi malvyes

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